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Toy Story 3 plot details revealed

ToyStory.jpgSome details have arrived for the intended plot of Toy Story 3 from an early showing of a new trailer for the film. We already know that the crew of toys will have been donated to a children's daycare center where they are treated extremely badly, so badly that they decide to escape.

However it seems we underestimated the amount of bad treatment that they were to receive, and this is where the first big reality shock comes for the toys.

The new trailer is apparently going to be shown with the limited release of Toy Story and Toy Story 2 in cinemas, probably only in the U.S., and it's already been seen by Jim Hill Media, through /Film we hear some of the plot twists included in the trailer.

Now this Toy Story 3 story isn't really classed as a spoiler since it's only really spoiling what the trailer will reveal, so I've no qualms about leaping straight in.

"[The new trailer shows] Woody and the gang at Sunnyside Daycare. Where life among the toddlers looks like something out of "Lord of the Flies." … Buzz and Co. get absolutely brutalized by these 3-year-olds."

This is where the escape plan comes in, however it doesn't all go according to plan and the loveable Buzz Lightyear sustains some serious damage, so much so that they have to find his reset button to bring him back.

This spells bad news because he doesn't come back as Buzz but as a…

"…hot-blooded, flamenco-dancing romantic figure prone to grand gestures. Which Jessie winds up being quite taken with."

Well I do like the twist, but seeing them escape from somewhere dangerous and Buzz and Woody's girlfriend get close, all feels a bit like it's been done already. Okay, nice way to get there, but still there's a strong feeling of familiarity there don't you think?



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