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Untitled trailer online

Untitled.jpgI really don't know what to say about the trailer for Untitled. Yes it's confusing, yes it looks uninteresting, especially as it's taking a look at a world of self-important people with a lead actor who scowls and mumbles through everything, but there's something in here, a certain streak of irreverence for the world it's portraying that caught me.

Untitled tells the story of a New York City art gallery owner who falls for a brooding artistic composer who likes to kick buckets in the middle of his music, and it's billed as a comic tale about the state of contemporary art and music.

For me it reeks of Boogie Woogie (Filmstalker review) and sounds like it might just turn out to be a big load of rubbish, and like much of the world it's portraying, will just get caught up in itself. However, as I said, there's a certain something that caught my interest.

Perhaps it's just not shown well enough in the trailer, but there's definitely a streak in there of really poking fun at the whole art and music world, I just wish it came through a little stronger in the trailer.

You can see for yourself, in the trailer over at Apple Trailers [P:S:M:L:480p:720p:1080p] for the film Untitled from director Jonathan Parker starring Adam Goldberg, Marley Shelton, Eion Bailey, Lucy Punch and Vinnie Jones.



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