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X-Men 4?

LaurenDonner_Jackman.jpgIt was thought that the chance of a full blown X-Men 4 was gone, after all the cost of the salaries alone would have meant it was difficult, and the last outing in X-Men: The Last Stand did what it said on the tin pretty much, show that it was their last stand.

However it seems that the producer of the X-Men franchise films, Lauren Shuler Donner, thinks there's still life in it, if she can persuade the studio.

There were a number of things that happened in X-Men: The Last Stand that might make a fourth film a little difficult, especially concerning character deaths. However did you watch till after the credits and see that closing scene? If you did then you'll understand that there certainly is room for another one, and if one of the lead actors only needed to return in voice only it might bring down the cost a little.

Also to bear in mind is the fact that some of the actors might well not be coming back. However the idea is still for a full blown X-Men 4.

Lauren Shuler Donner was speaking at the Fox Blu-ray press event in Beverly Hills where /Film threw out an interesting question caught through SuperheroHype. They asked about the continuing films and received a more interesting answer.

First she denied the previous rumours of a start date, etc. to X-Men: First Class, the X-Men story with the teen and kiddie X-Men, however she did reveal that the actors did have options in their contract, so that's something.

She said though that this wasn't the only X-Men film that would be coming, and she took a moment to mention two. The New Mutants, which is interesting in itself, but what really surprised me was that she specifically mentioned X4, as in X-Men 4.

Well The Last Stand did set the film up that's for sure, just not as the first three were set out, so it could work and it could work well, however it's worth noting that these haven't been picked up yet and she's just hoping to get them moving.

I watched X-Men: The Last Stand just the other night, and you know what? It's not that bad a film. In fact I rather enjoyed it all. Do we want a fourth? Well I certainly do, much more than a X-Men: First Class, or a new Wolverine film.



One thing about it...they could more than do without Hally Berry ( though i'd hate it ) if she weren't affordable, though I'd wager her price tag may have gone down in the past couple years.

they could do just as good with Kelsey Grammar, Alan Cummings and Hugh Jackman.

Most of the characters who died wouldn't be that hard to bring back. They could say that Pheonix didn't kill Cyclops but rather "put" him somewhere, that she herself didn't die, but rather rose again, etc.

I would LOVE to see X men continue. I don't really like the tv cartoons or comics any more, but i did rather enjoy all 3 movies. More so the 2nd and 3rd.

Thanks for sticking up for it. It really wasn't bad. Just another victim of the "it sucks. therefore i'm cool" mentality plaguing the world today.

Looking at it story-wise though Mogulus, isn't Storm quite vital to the story? After all Xavier handed everything over to her during the film. Mind you, with him still alive maybe she won't be needed.

I think they could quite happily go on without bringing back any of the truly dead characters though, and you're right, Beast, Nightcrawler, Wolverine, they're all going to do the job just as well. It would be nice to see some new mutants in the mix as well as the established ones.

However they need to keep the recognisable names playing them, that's something I love about it.

They should make another trilogy, possibly with a new cast if the originals are too expensive or too old.

4: Marauders Massacre - nobble Kitty, Colossus, and Angel per the original comics and open up team slots for Dazzler, Havok, and (British) Psylocke. Rogue's powers could re-manifest and she can steal some permanent super strength, maybe feature Gambit here too since he is supposed to have provided intel for the massacre to take place. Finish with Psylocke vs Sabretooth and Wolverine can sweep back in to save her at the end per the comic. Plague and Angel can be recruited by Apocalypse. Epilogue in Sinster's lab as dead Maruaders are hatched from his cloning tanks and there are two frosted tanks next to them containing a man and a woman.

5: Kitty and Colossus recuperate on Muir Island (cue romance) as Professor X tries to stop her molecules from drifting apart. Maybe bung Nightcrawler in here too, possibly even Rogue needing help with multiple personalities. The others can fight the 4 horsemen (preferably with more gothic costumes)in New York. They save Angel, injure Apocolypse, and we finish with him going to Sinister's lab and telling him to produce him a new avatar.

6: Sebastian Shaw has built some sentinels. Cable (followed by Nimrod?) comes back to stop him - perhaps arriving on Muir Island to give the heroes there some fight time. Nimrod goes after Cable as a child and they discover that Scott and Jean are alive and well in lab vats (he was never killed and the Phoenix was either a psychic projection of solidified molecules all along or just run with the amnesiac clone theme). Gambit turns against Sinister for the love of Rogue. Magneto and Polaris can join in to rip up the metal sentinels and we have a big fight at the end which finishes with Apocalypse and/or Sinster apparently dying.

Can end with Magneto joining the Hellfire Club or Sinster or Apocalypse being alive after all.

I think a second trilogy could cover some of the greatest plots from the comics quite effectivley and give each of the most iconic X-men who have yet to feature a chance to shine (quite literally in Dazzler's case).

They could also just say the Phoenix in X-3 was a clone by Sinister. Which would help with some discrepencies between how X-2 ended and the phoenix fire effect in X-2 and the "evil witch" effect used in X-3. Also why in X-2 we see the Phoenix flying away while X-3 has her in the lake. Also we never see Cyclopse die, so abducted by Sinister works too.
Plus the whole mutant powers only go dorment, and come back stronger can be used to give Rogue flight and strength in place of sapping Ms.Marvel
lets not Forget two things must happen before the X-men live movies ever end.
1: We must see the true fire-bird glory of the Phoenix on the big screen
2: Apocalypse must be part of the story.

Its amazing how excited you can get people when you ask them about this in real life.

In real life I have found more people (thanks to bringing it up with customers who are talking about upcoming movies) are in support of X-men 4 than anything else, one lady got real passionate about how they didn't do the Phoenix right (yes a lady, and she wasn't a geek either, a woman with several kids buying mostly shoes and one movie: was like "don't even get me started about that movie *refering to X-men 3* and talked about Phoenix and killing Cyclopse ect...)

Second seems to be X-men Origins Wolverine 2 followed by Deadpool. Got no one caring about a reboot or First Class so far.

and really (depending on how much it costs to get Patrick Stewart on television these days: I know he does voice work for cartoons on a regular basis but actually on screen might be an issue especially if they want to do the computer work to make him look younger. and then there is the guy who played Magneto *sorry forgot his name) and what I am leading up to with that is X-men First Class not as a movie but a television show that ties into the movies.

I would hope the teen actors arn't big budget who played them in Wolverine, and others (only issue is some characters couldn't be used due to movies placing them further in the future like Collossus, ShadowCat, Ice-man, and Pyro. Although Angel might be workable into it.

and budget permitting the occasional cameo by Wolverine and Gambit.

But I'd imagine the main line up of what would likely be a mutant teen drama action show would be (Cyclopse, Marvel Girl, Storm, Angel, Emma Frost *love triangle issues for plot there between her Cyclopse and Marvel Girl, and maybe a few others like Quick Silver who were seen with the trapped kids (and other students) not used yet in the X-men movies).

Also I see no reason why a Deadpool movie couldn't be made at the same time as another X-men movie, seeing as Deadpool barely relates to the other mutant characters anyway (honestly until the Wolverine movie I wasn't even aware Deadpool was a mutant: I never followed the character that closely, I just thought he was one of Marvel's many random psycho background villains or something.)


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