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Air Guitar drama gains writers

C-Diddy.jpg There had been rumours of a dramatic adaptation of the excellent Air Guitar Nation since December of 2007, when one of the documentary featured contenders for the title of Air Guitar Champion released a book about his experience in the competition and the rights were almost immediately bought.

The news today is that the production of Air Guitar is moving forward with the attachment of a producer, Justin Theroux, and writers Mike Lisbe and Nate Reger.

I absolutely loved Air Guitar Nation (Filmstalker review) when I saw it and totally fell in love with the characters and the way the story unfolded, you couldn't have imagined the characters and their relationships being written and filmed any better, and that's where my concerns lie.

Air Guitar Nation was a stonkingly good film that you should definitely go and see, but I'm concerned that a dramatic and comedic version is going to lose a lot of what the original documentary captured in real life, comedy wise too.

However I've never read the book To Air Is Human, written by Dan Crane who is also known as Bjorn Turoque, one of the main competitors in the Air Guitar championships shown in the Air Guitar Nation documentary.

Yahoo News has the story that Mike Lisbe and Nate Reger have picked up the deal to write the story, and say that Justin Theroux won't be directing, or not so far anyway.

I'm mixed on this, I am concerned that they can't reproduce the comedy and the real life pathos that comes through the documentary, but then there could be so much more in the book that could add to the story of the characters. Maybe we could be looking at a dramatic film that captures everything that made Air Guitar Nation great, and perhaps more.



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