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All change on The Tourist

AngelinaJolie.jpgThere's another change on the film The Tourist, the remake of the French thriller Anthony Zimmer which one of our readers had just been discussing, and the change is in the form of the female lead. According to reports Charlize Theron is now off the project and there's a surprise rumoured to be in talks for the role.

There's also another big change, the director has left the project too. So we've really lost the original line up as Tom Cruise was once set to lead the film.

First we heard that The Tourist had a director in the form of Bharat Nalluri, then the news came of the excellent Julian Fellowes was set to adapt the script from the original Anthony Zimmer and Tom Cruise was taking the lead.

Next we heard that Charlize Theron was taking the female lead, and that was all by November 2008. Roll on August 2009 and finally the news of Sam Worthington replacing Cruise.

Now, The Hollywood Reporter is telling us that Theron has decided to leave the project and that, according to their sources that they can't reveal, Angelina Jolie is in talks to take the role.

I'm not so certain about that as they go on to reveal that the director left the project just last week too. Now unless they've found someone to direct it already, it would mean that Jolie was signing up for a film with only a lead and a writer. Admittedly the writer is Fellowes, and his script could be the attractive feature, but I would think she would want to know the director too.

She doesn't strike me as the kind of person to sign up for a project with so many face changes on it which is just searching for a director after the previous one left. She seems far more considered about her performance choices these days.

It could well be true of course, and I suspect that the studio are well on their way to getting a director, but at the same time casting started on this a year ago, it's a long time.

The Tourist tells the story of an American tourist who goes undercover for Interpol to entrap a former lover who is suspected of being a criminal on a global scale. If you want to know more than that I would direct you to the original, and perhaps the recent article Assault on logic: Anthony Zimmer.



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