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Another BBC political mini-series adapted

IanRichardson.jpgThe BBC mini-series House of Cards is set to be adapted and this one looks like it could have just as much chance as the previous adaptation of State of Play. Why do I think that? Well the producer for the project has just been announced and it's none other than David Fincher and the writer is Eric Roth, the man who recently wrote The Curious Case of Benjamin Button.

There's a difference in this project though, this won't be adapted to film but a mini-series, and with the whole series being uprooted from British politics to U.S. politics, you have to wonder just what's going to be left from the original.

Andrew Davies wrote the script for the original British television series House of Cards back in 1990 that followed a political party whip during the Margaret Thatcher era and how he manipulated and schemed to ensure that his, and his party's, goals were achieved. It starred Ian Richardson as the lead character.

Eric Roth previously wrote Forrest Gump, The Horse Whisperer, The Insider, Ali, Munich and The Good Shepherd, some of which will stand in good stead for this adaptation. The story comes from The Hollywood Reporter through Total Film.

It strikes me that this is going to have a hard job bringing across the original series to the American political system and would seem that it's going to receive a huge rewrite in terms of the story and the characters to become American. Of course the themes of political ambition, corruption, greed, etc will all carry along well, but how close will it remain to the original, and couldn't the film-makers just simply have made their own story rather than go to the lengths of adapting a tale of British politics?

State of Play had much more to it outside of the British politics and media systems, but House of Cards does seem as though it is much more rooted deep into the British political system. Will it be a complete rewrite? I certainly think so.



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