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Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans trailer online

BadLieutenantPoCNO.jpgThere's something about the trailer for Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans that suggests there could be something there, and then there's Nicolas Cage.

Still, the trailer does look a lot better and more coherent than I thought, although the Iguana and “soul still dancing” moments did make me want to turn it off, could there genuinely be something better here?

Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans from Werner Herzog stars Nicolas Cage, Val Kilmer, Eva Mendes, Brad Dourif, Michael Shannon and even Xzibit.

It tells the story of Terence McDonough, a cop who is investigating the killing of five Senegalese immigrants. However from the trailer it looks as though things don't go quite to plan as a bad call damages his back, puts him in painkillers that don't quite do the job, turn him to drugs, get him deeper and deeper into trouble, and things just seem to go from bad to worse.

Have a look for yourself, but it might not be as bad as first thought.



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