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BAFTA Scotland 2009 nominees announced

BAFTA.jpgThe nominees for the 2009 BAFTA Scotland Awards have been announced, and while there aren't that many categories and they are spread over all entertainment channels, there are a few for film and what seems to be promising are the same names are appearing through all the film ones.

Promising, or perhaps lack of choice? You can be the judge when you see the names involved. I would like to see more spread, but if these are the best, then why shouldn't they appear in multiple categories?

Just to cover the film first, here are the relevant categories:

Acting in Film
Stephen McCole as Joe Frisk - Crying With Laughter
James Anthony Pearson as Sean Macdonald - New Town Killers
Peter Capaldi as Malcom Tucker - In The Loop

Armando Iannucci - In The Loop
Richard Jobson - New Town Killers
Caroline Paterson/Stuart Davids – Wasted

Feature Film
New Town Killers
Crying With Laughter

Annie Griffin - New Town
Jesse Armstrong/Simon Blackwell/Tony Roche/Armando Ianucci- In The Loop
Justin Molotnikov – Crying With Laughter
Ed McArdie – Shameless

Short Film
The Bedfords
Life of a Pigeon
Peter in Radioland
Little Red Hoodie

Well In The Loop, Crying With Laughter and New Town Killers seem to have done rather well, although I am surprised that In The Loop isn't getting more recognition considering the reach of the film and how it made it outside of the UK so well.

Other categories are:

Acting in TV – Female
Daniela Nardini - New Town
Lindsay Duncan - Margaret
Stella Gonet- Holby City

Acting in TV – Male
Robert Carlyle – The Unloved
Bill Paterson Spanish Flu - The Forgotten Fallen
David Tennant - Doctor Who

The Happy Duckling

KNTV The Act of Sex

Entertainment programme
No Holds Bard
Rab C Nesbit Christmas Special
Shrink Rap-Billy Connelly

Factual Programme
Sighthill Stories
Dave Kidney Superstar
In Shackleton’s Footsteps

Factual Series
A History of Scotland
Terry Pratchett: Living With Alzheimers
Girls Behind Bars

Championship Manager 2010 Express
Low Grav Racer

The Lost Book
British Music Experience

News and Current Affairs
BBC Scotland Investigates: Scotland’s Brand New Bank
Panorama – Britain’s Homecare Scandal

TV Drama
New Town
River City
Eadar-Chluich (The Tears Welled)

BBC: China Stories
BBC Robert Burns Website
The Big Plus Work Signs Academy

You can see the official listing over at BAFTA Scotland through their own news story.

There'll be little doubt who will win the Male Actor in TV category, surely David Tennant will walk it for Doctor Who? Film wise I do feel that In The Loop is the one that is liable to take the awards over anything else. What do you feel?



New Town Killers is not a very good film (a massive 2 stars in Empire this month) and an amazingly unoriginal one. That's plots so old they must have had to dust it off.

But I didn't come close to a nom, so what do I know?

I've seen it too, although I have yet to write the review for it. Come on, it does have some good moments...but there are some equally terrible ones too.

Why didn't you get a nomination?

They preferred the other films. Shame really, cos now it's the same old names and faces - most of them central belt. To be honest I never expected anything else, Clarky and Kerwin are far more disappointed.

I'm only annoyed cos that's my Scots Bafta chances blown cos it was my last Scottish film. GGvsBG is written for London and we're already getting help with the distribution - in England.

No help here - gotta go where the help is.

Also, David Tennant again... really? I'm a Dr Who fan and even I'm bored with him.

Might also be worth mentioning that when we had our official bafta screening - only 6 people showed up. Pretty poor, especially when one considers that we had sell out screenings at Raindance, Glasgow and Aberdeen.

Unless people see the film, we don't get the votes and bafta Scotland did a good job of making sure no-one saw the film.

Personally I think all voting members should be obliged to actually turn up for the shortlisted screenings. But then, I would think that.

GGvsBG? Are we getting more of that title?

That's a shame, England only distribution? That's where Scottish Screen should be stepping up, not offering money to big name producers who hold onto the cash when their big name production falls through.

Wait a moment, the people who vote on the best Scottish film out of all the nominations don't actually watch all the nominations? That's another seriously weighted mess once again isn't it?

I think you need to go all Kirby Dick on them and come out with a "This Film is Not Yet Rated" about Scottish Cinema backing.


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