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Beverly Hills Cop 4 rumours end badly

BeverlyHillsCop4.jpgThe rumour mill is going back and forth for Beverly Hills Cop 4, we've been hearing that the film is coming for some time, but the latest rumours have some well-loved actors returning, and I don't mean Eddie Murphy.

However, like so many “source” rumours that we hear about from papers and internet sites alike, it could just have been debunked, or rather reversed, with news that the script is going back into the rewriting stages, and more than that they are looking for a new writer.

This is pretty big news, for the script to have been out there and at the stage of talking about casting, and then to hear that a new writer is being sought to do another rewrite could mean that who we thought were in, were now out.

Well let's get to the rumours of who were going to be in Moviehole had the story that the characters of Rosewood and Taggart were set to return and the original actors of Judge Reinhold and John Ashton were set to return, or rather according to the “source” they were being sought to return for the roles.

Now that's all good news, but then the story from Collider came out and they fired off with their “source” to say that the studio is looking to hire a new writer and restart the whole process, which means the script could go anywhere.

Beverly Hills Cop 4 is far from being ready, this is very clear, however if they are going to make the film and we're going to see Eddie Murphy return, the script has to be spot on, to take account of time, and I believe that it has to pull back the original supporting cast. If you're going to make a sequel and are saying how it will honour the original Beverly Hills Cop and not the sequels, then you need to address the original characters and actors don't you think?



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