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Bill Murray holds out for Ghostbusters 3

BillMurray.jpgIt seems the fact that Bill Murray is once again holding out against the desire to leap into a third Ghostbusters film is upsetting a lot of people, except this time, I have to agree with Murray.

While previously the hold out has been steadfast against the idea, Murray has just said no to the concept while other stars from the film have been wanting to progress the idea, now he's holding out for all the right reasons.

Actually there's part of me now wondering if we should be looking back and thinking that we were all wrong and Bill Murray was right all this time, after all what is the third Ghostbusters fillm we're looking at? A handover from the old team to a new, young team, while they train up a complete new set of youngsters to take their place in the Ghostbusters academy. Maybe he was right to say no all this time.

Now, according to Digital Spy through Cinema Blend, he's holding back on the third film again, saying that until there's a decent script he's not agreeing to do it. Well that seems way more than sensible to me, that seems downright respectful to the fans and the original films doesn't it?

”Well, I don't want to do it yet. There's still no script, it's just a bunch of talk. It's just a wish list for someone. Until there is a really good script, I'll stay home. It has to be a serious script before I leave the house...I'll believe it when I see it. I saw a guy talking about the end of the world a couple of years ago, and I haven't seen that either.”

Is Bill Murray perhaps the only one not selling out the film many of us loved, and still do? Are we perhaps the ones allowing Hollywood, and the rest of the team, to sell out Ghostbusters with our desire for a third film?

I'm with Bill now. Let's hope he says no if the script is rubbish...or even just more of the same Hollywood comedy.



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