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Billy Ray set for pirate film

SomaliPirate.jpgIn May we heard that there was going to be a film about the Somali pirates, following on from the true life story where the captain of a cargo ship, Captain Richard Phillips, gave himself to Somali pirates in exchange for his crew's freedom and was eventually rescued.

The film now has a director attached, Billy Ray, the man who wrote State of Play, Flightplan and is currently writing Gears of War and Motorcade.

Billy Ray may have some strong writing credits behind him such as State of Play, Flightplan and Hart's War, but directing wise he's only had Shattered Glass and Breach.

Variety tells us that the studio have also bought the rights to A Captain's Duty: Somali Pirates, Navy SEALs and Five Dangerous Days, the book that Phillips is writing about his experience, but that won't be released until April.

Richard Phillips, captain of the Maersk Alabama cargo ship, gave himself up to the armed Somali pirates in return for the freedom of his crew. The pirates agreed, and the Navy Seals were sent in and carried out a successful rescue operation.

Kevin Spacey is one of the producers on the project, but there's no word yet on whether he'll be starring in the film or not. Could be a good bet though, especially if it turns out to be a feel good tale of triumph over adversity.



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