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Blair Witch a sequel?

BlairWitch.jpgIt's confirmed, the next Blair Witch film from Daniel Myrick and Eduardo Sánchez is close to happening and that if Lionsgate say yes then it's going to be a sequel and not a prequel, and the film-makers are telling us why that is.

However even if Lionsgate don't make it, it would seem that there are other companies who are very keen to make it too, so we could well be looking at another Blair Witch film very soon.

According to Eduardo Sánchez the prequel idea was one they would have loved to have make, but it just wasn't something that Lionsgate was keen on.

”We would still love to make that prequel idea...We actually talked to Lionsgate about it four or five years ago. But they were very hesitant to do a prequel, because it’s a period piece and they haven’t had much luck with horror period pieces, and also the period would’ve made it a bit too expensive.”

The comments come through ShockTillYouDrop, and it does surprise me a little, they're saying that Lionsgate wouldn't make it but that other companies want their sequel idea, why wouldn't they want the prequel idea?

Either they are of the same mind that the prequel would be too expensive, or the film-makers are pushing Lionsgate to get this made. Of course Lionsgate own the franchise so it is entirely up to them.

”However, right now, Dan (Myrick) and I are actually working on an idea for a Blair Witch sequel...It’s the first time that Dan and I have really gelled on an idea for a follow-up. We have a bunch of ideas for the prequel that date back to the beginning of the legend, but this is the first time we’ve gotten together and really loved what we’re coming up with.”

According to the article there's a couple of months work to go before they present it to Lionsgate, but at least it's getting closer. Meanwhile over at Bloody Disgusting Sánchez says that the go/no go option will be revealed in the next few weeks.

It's fair to say that the film-makers haven't done so well since the huge hype around The Blair Witch Project broke, and then this strange backlash came and touched on those behind the project too. This wasn't helped by a poor sequel.

So is there really a need for this film? Do we want to see any more from the Blair Witch story? Personally I say not. I think the first film was really good and looking back, without this unnecessary backlash, the film is rather good and a lot of people should be apologising for dishing out the hatred on it.

Yet another sequel just makes me think we're going to see the film-makers trying to recreate the same effect that the first film had, trying to be something new or trying to use the same concepts again, and in the article it seems they aren't finished with the ideas they had in that film as Sánchez reveals he's working on a film about a first person perspective camera and...

”I want to take the first person perspective – not that we necessarily started it, but that we brought to the forefront with Blair Witch and has been used in everything from Cloverfield to Paranormal Activity - I want to take that technique and introduce a new twist to it that I think people would really love.”

More of the same. I think they need to leave Blair Witch and everything about it alone and just move on to something new.



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