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Cabin in the Woods delayed for 3D

3D.jpgJoss Whedon doesn't seem to have great success with Hollywood, and yet his latest project seemed right up their street, horror, and at a time when horror was at the forefront. Except it seems they aren't that interested in his film right now because not only have they pushed the release date back by a month short of a year, but they are going to convert it to 3D.

Now that's a bad sign. Ask most real film fans and you'll find that this is a terrible news, the idea of putting a film into 3D in the first place is a bad sign unless there's a huge budget and some driving creative force, so far there's only a few being developed like that, and delaying a 2D film to convert it into 3D is even worse.

You have to wonder why the studio are doing this, and there are perhaps two things. One is that there's a drive to produce horror in 3D to capture that PG-13 market and the weekend date crowd, people who are just interested in a film having a quick fix no matter about depth.

Then there's the fact that 3D is the current craze in Hollywood at the moment. They're concerned that they are losing the audience to home downloads, rental, etc., they want something to get the audience back into the cinemas and what better way than getting them hooked on a format that is only available in the cinemas. That way they have a captive audience.

I first heard about this move last night from Latino Review on Twitter, but this morning the story popped up on my ShockTillYouDrop feed, and I can't see it doing anything but spelling disaster for for the film, and there's the added concern that not only will they convert it to 3D but they'll add in loads of extra scenes that cater for that 3D audience, you know, throwing things at the camera and all that rubbish.

However there could be one positive out of this that we can hold out for, that there will be a dual release, that the studio wouldn't be so blindly stupid as to ignore the original fans and intended audience for The Cabin in the Woods, would they?

I'm also surprised that both Joss Whedon co-writing and Drew Goddard directing and co-writing would let this happen without push back, it's not as if they are small names in the business. It just shows you the power of the studios.

2D or 3D though, really?



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