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Collapse trailer online

Collapse.jpgCollapse is a film I'd never heard of, neither had I heard of Michael Ruppert, the interviewee in the documentary, or his prediction of the financial collapse that we're still suffering. However the director of The Yes Men has, and he's made a film about the man and his controversial beliefs.

I say controversial as the man is believed either to be a complete conspiracy theorist or a genius type prophet, and it seems that the film Collapse isn't going to take a stance on that, or his more controversial 9/11 theories, just to look at the man, his life, and his self-published beliefs.

The director, Chris Smith, interviewed the man for some fourteen hours over a five day period and edited his stories down to some eighty two minutes of what seems to be gripping footage.

Here's the blurb for Collapse from Wikipedia:

”Sitting in a room that looks like a bunker, Ruppert briefly recounts his life including his parents alleged ties to U.S. intelligence agencies and Ruppert’s own stint as an LAPD beat cop and then detective. Ruppert then summarizes current energy and economic issues, focusing mainly around the core concepts of peak oil and the sustainability movement.

The bulk of the film present Ruppert making an array of predictions including social unrest, violence, population dislocation, and governmental collapses in the United States and throughout the world. He draws on the same news reports and data available to any Internet user, but he applies a unique interpretation -- “connecting the dots” as he calls it.

Smith periodically stops Ruppert to question his assumptions and provide a note of skepticism.”

Then there's the trailer, and it looks pretty interesting, filmed in the talking head Errol Morris style, which really draws you into the person and their words, and coupled with the alarmist images it sees even worse.

There are some interesting comments already coming out about the film, Variety said of the film:

”...unnervingly persuasive much of the time, and merely riveting when it's not, Ruppert's talking-head analysis gets the Errol Morris treatment from director Chris Smith (American Movie), whose intellectual horror film ranks as another essential work.”

While The Onion's AV Club said:

”...in several immensely poignant moments, we can also see an angry, lonely, vulnerable man whose life epitomizes the title as much as the globe does. There are many layers to the man and the movie, and I for one left the theater shaken.”

There's the concern that a film like this could give much more credence to a conspiracy theorist's voice, or that it could become self-fulfilling, who's to tell. One thing is true, it looks a powerful film indeed.

Chris Smith said that the focus of the film is not his conspiracy theories, but more the man himself.

”What I hoped to reveal was ... that his obsession with the collapse of industrial civilization has led to the collapse of his life. In the end, it is a character study about his obsession.”



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