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Craven on Scream 4, franchise handover confirmed?

Scream.jpg We already heard that Wes Craven liked the script pitch for Scream 4 he received from the original writer of Scream, Kevin Williamson, after dinner with him the other night, well now there's a rumour that he's definitely on board to direct, which isn't that much of a gamble rumour wise.

Another has the rumour that Neve Campbell's reappearance is little more than a cameo, something that harks back to rumour we've been hearing since July of last year that this was going to be a complete handover of the series to a new group.

We know that Neve Campbell, David Arquette and Courtney Cox are all returning to this fourth Scream film, that Kevin Williamson is writing the script, and may well be locked in to a three script deal, and that Wes Craven has been rumoured to return since the beginning, something that he alluded to himself when he revealed that he liked the idea for the fourth film.

Now Cinema Blend have a source telling them that Wes Craven is a done deal for directing the film, not too much of a stretch really, and that Neve Campbell may only be returning for a cameo role, again not much of a surprise if they are handing over to a completely new team.

If it is the case, as we heard before, that the film is handing over to a new group, the roles of all three leads might be paired down to cameos only, it certainly would save on the salary costs.

However would Scream be Scream without them? Even if we have Craven and Williamson?



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