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Craven says Scream 4 is good

WesCraven.jpgWes Craven has heard the script pitch for Scream 4, and he says he likes it. Although he hasn't revealed if he'll return to direct the film as yet, this is a step in the right direction, and it builds on the positive news we've been hearing about the return to the franchise.

Already Scream 4 has the original writer, Kevin Williamson, back on the script, Courtney Cox and David Arquette signed up to the project pretty early on, and although Neve Campbell held out, she finally said yes last month. So it's all go, surely?

It would appear that Wes Craven has absolutely everything in place for him to direct, right now there would seem to be no reason not to. He's not against remakes or sequels, he has the original writer and cast back in, so why wouldn't he?

Well he could hate the script, or even just think it's not good enough, but then according to HorrorMovies.ca he spoke out on his Twitter account and revealed that he had dinner with the very Kevin Williamson who is writing the script and Kevin pitched the script to him.

”I had dinner with KW last night, and the script sounds fantastic!”

Bear in mind that he hasn't actually read the script, or it seems he hasn't, perhaps he's getting the script now that he's had dinner with Williamson, heard the pitch and liked it, perhaps he's going to get a copy now and delve right into it?

The good news is that he's heard the pitch and liked it, and with everyone else on board you have to think that all the stars are aligning for him to direct the fourth film. If he does I think we have the perfect line-up to make something work.

Still, there's that concern that there just might not be a need for the film, after all the original trilogy has been there, done it. This new film seems to be starting a new trilogy, and from what we've heard already it's going to pass over to a new group. This is where all the red flags are raised for me.



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