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DiCaprio, Clooney and Depp fight for Sinatra?

FrankSinatra.jpgLast we heard from the Frank Sinatra biographical film it was struggling a little as Martin Scorsese wanted to show a more realistic and whole story of Frank Sinatra, and the family wanted the film to show the good side of Sinatra. Apparently that battle is solved and now we're onto casting.

According to reports there's now a three way fight to get the lead and play the great man, and it's running between Leonardo DiCaprio, George Clooney and Johnny Depp.

However if you look at the three actors and at Frank Sinatra, I think there's only one of those three that is the closest to the man himself and is proving himself to be the best actor these days, and that's Leonardo DiCaprio.

The rumours come from The Guardian through Cinema Blend that the three are in contention for the role, and I've heard rumours to this a few times before, but never the three names lined up from such a strong paper before. I wonder if it really is true?

I can't see George Clooney pulling off the role though, he just doesn't look the part for me. Yes he's smooth and suave, but there's a bit more of an edge to him and a grittiness that makes me think more of DiCaprio.

As for Johnny Depp, well Sinatra wasn't a pirate, and of some of Depp's notable roles of the last few years there seems to be a similar performance coming out of him that I can't help but identify with that Disney pirate.

No for me the most authentic is DiCaprio, and I can't see why there's even a debate on the subject, can you?

Apparently though the studio want Depp, Sinatra wants Clooney, and Scorsese wants DiCaprio. Who do you side with?



I'm inclined to agree with you. Di Caprio makes the best choice of these three. But aren't there other actors out there that would also be a good choice for this role?

I think there are, who would you suggest Jackie?


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