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Director talks Black Death

SeanBean.jpgChristopher Smith is currently celebrating Triangle being in cinemas right now but at the same time he's looking forward to his next film, Black Death, which has just finished filming. The story is about a group of knights arriving in a village at the height of the bubonic plague during medieval times.

The knights set about trying to find out why this one village has been spared any deaths while all those around are being devastated. While the characters in the film and the audience awaiting the film are expecting supernatural themes, the director says there won't be.

Now that sounds rather interesting, and more so when Christopher Smith talks more about Black Death through Digital Spy:

"There are rumours that there's a necromancer there who has a deal with the Devil…It's all about how medieval people think. It's all very real. It's not supernatural, but you think it is."

So we'll be led on a bit of a goose chase with the story, making us, and the characters, feel that there's something supernatural but all the time it's very earthly and real. That last part really does grab my attention and makes me believe that we might be in for another interesting ride with Smith.

While Triangle is getting some very mixed commentary, his films always have great ideas and strong characters through them, and they do deliver. I'm set to see Triangle this week and I'm really keen to see how it turns out, but these words on Black Death have me looking forward to the film.

Then there's the cast to consider, not only is the excellent Sean Bean getting a leading role, but there's Carice van Houten starring too. Could this be another step forward with Christopher Smith?



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