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Update: Doc Savage gains writer

DocSavage.jpgDoc Savage is coming to the cinema once again, and it looks like it might just get a big budget and more serious outing than it did originally. The producers assigned to the project are responsible for some seriously well received films, including remakes, and they've just attached a writer who, on a good project, can really deliver.

Shane Black has been hired by Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman to write the new adaptation of the classic comic series Doc Savage which has already been made into a film, although not one I guess they'll be looking to replicate.

It was back in December of 2006 that we first heard about a Doc Savage film that would be produced by none other than Sam Raimi, although he was looking for directors and was keeping the new The Shadow film for himself.

The news that Shane Black is writing the script is nothing but good news, and that's clear just by looking at what Black has written before - Lethal Weapon, The Last Boy Scout, Last Action Hero, The Long Kiss Goodnight and the excellent Kiss Kiss Bang Bang. All these films suggest strong characterisations, close friendships, and good strong writing.

According to the story from AICN through The Playlist, the film won't be following the one where we saw Ron Ely playing the lead in Doc Savage: The Man of Bronze, this one will go to the source and create the character with great reverence for the original ideas and stories, and it will still be set in a period around the thirties.

Now I'm not up to speed with Doc Savage, so all I know is the character from the original film, but I'm told that the film is very different to the original character, how different? Will the 1930's character work in film? Does he need to be modernised and would it kill him if he were?

Update: AICN through ComicBookMovie have issued a retraction, not of the writer, but of the producers. Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman are not the producers of the project, something that did ring a bell with me as I wondered why they wouldn't be writing it. Instead it's Neal Moritz and Ori Marmu. Doesn't make any difference to us though, it's still Black writing.



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