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Duchovny tries to get X-Files 3 started

DavidDuchovny.jpgI barely talk about stars who are pitching themselves for roles, never mind roles for films that don't exist yet, and that's exactly what David Duchovny is doing, utilising the media to start discussions on a third X-Files film and to make sure he's associated with it before anyone even begins to think of writing or producing the film.

It's self promotion gone mad. So I'd rather not do him the favour of using the space just to promote himself for a film that hasn't started. Except he has something positive to say about the film, something that would make me look at a third X-Files despite the last television episode outing on the big screen.

Looking at the comment that's being banded around from David Duchovny for X-Files 3, it's clear that it comes off the back of being asked a very pointed question about the film. You know how it's good practice to repeat the question in the answer? Well reading his opening line the question looks something like:

"What would a third X-Files film that you would want to do look like?"

His response goes along the following lines, and bearing in mind that that could have been a question he was asked, it changes the tone of the answer somewhat. Perhaps he's not pitching for a role at all.

"As far as the X-Files movie I'd like to do next, if we get a chance to do it, would be a return to the heart and soul of the mythology, which is the alien-oriented conspiracy. I think it's natural for The X-Files to have another movie in 2012, so we'll see if we get to do it."

Superb, someone sees sense. If there is going to be a third X-Files film then it really should cover the alien conspiracy theory, you know the thing they've been building since the series started and just totally dropped for the second film.

The comment comes from The Daily Beast through Cinema Blend, and it is the most sensible suggestion for another X-Files film I've heard yet. Of course I think at that stage it shouldn't just be about the conspiracy, but about the closing of the conspiracy and the X-Files, for good.

Are you set to join him talking up a third film?



the picture is rumoured to run along adult thematics of humans turning into zombies enabling them to communicate with uncivilised alien intelligence...

the picture will return to mulder interviewing one within a NSA secret lab somewhere in penslyvania...(hense the premise is fixed along the lines of 'silence of the lambs' to give it credibibilty...

much of the picture is c'at and mouse 'as mulder and scully' chase around parts of the US to hunt down the 'mysterious' alien chief who may hold the secret to unlocking some alien technology to improve human survival in the future.
there will be less focus on the relationship between the two main leads in this picture.
the movie will have a opening sequence before the titles in homage to 007.

unlike previous movies the plot will have more 'feel' towards men in black in how some of the action areas are presented...mulder will use a special gun in this movie as the picture moves into more uncertain territory.
mulder will visit a cemetary crypt in the movie and encounter some 'zombie like creature'...he will be introduced to some ancient black magic ritual...

more adult content language strong nudity / UK18. US..TBC.

to give the third picture bite the poster needs to be more dynamic more bolder...needs to show the x files identity...strong images of the two mainleads need to be shown to give some edge...
the tone needs to be darker, cinema audiences need to be aware this is not just another x files movie but something a bit more developed and ambitious....

David mentions mythology ...gladiator 2000 ridley scott did tap into this in how other characers interacted with maximus... becasuse mulder has a more elevated role in the picture perhaps the prodcuers should look at how other characters interact with him at a social and professional level?to give the picture more gravitas?

to look into the movies dynamics in closer detail should the producers be reviewing the interesting sci fi movie of 1997 'contact'?
although no aliens were seen in the film the movie did generate some interesting concepts in trms of the technology and presenation dynmics of the characters and innovative use of 'capture' as aspects i.e use of television to amplify the interesting materail they received from outer space- gave the movie a more seminal appeal...

could the producers look to presenting the movie in a similar way to the 'cliffhanger (1993)' or the more recent picture 'the descent' whereby the adult content was developed by showcasing more developed night and day environments...
panning of mountainsides more selcetive use of technology to show altitude /and alien creatures.
in daytime often some environments are partially in darkness through shadow...therefore could we translate this to show more careful plot development - for example the picture begins at nightime and finishes at dawn....time lapse photography could be used to showcase running water or reflection.we could be shown elevated photography as mulder jumps from a special forces helecopter onto a mountainous area occupied by unknown creatures.he could be wearing a special protection vest and nightvision specs...
the movie could occupy similar dynamics to face/off (1997) as mulder takes on various disguises and enlists other agents for assistance (like in the less well known amiga game hired guns)to entrap the species...
in the movies climax mulder hunts down an alien in a hanunted mansion...
whereby the alien metaphorises into something else.in homage to fright night mulder has to takes out the alien before daybreak...
a scene early on in the movie could involve mulder spying on a real vampire in 'club noir' as he and agent scully try and find a contact who may know the whereabouts of 'the beast'
the movie may begin with mulder conjuring a magic trick to show other agents that the area they will visit is cursed...that they need to be 'aware'-that the work that will undertake will be hazardous and mysterious.
the tone of the movie will be adult rated to reflect the more darker settings of the environments and dialogue between the two main agents as they struggle to remain professional...
the movie will feature an ancient cemetary where mulder has to retrieve a special key to open an alien hosts 'nest'...
aspects of the picture will be shot more like the original alien picture 1979 to showcase a more progressive 'space dynamic' give the picture a stronger foundation for greater intrigue.


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