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Edge of Darkness trailer online

MelGibson.jpgOh wow. That's simply all that needs to be said about the new trailer for Edge of Darkness, the film starring Mel Gibson, Ray Winstone and Danny Huston that is the U.S. remake of the British television drama series.

Of course I'll say more though, there's plenty to say! You know I am usually dead set against remakes like this where they up and relocate the original story to America and change so much about the original to try and cash in. However this is just not the case here. Judging by the trailer, this is a superb remake of the original and could well prove to be even better.

The Edge of Darkness is the story of a homicide detective whose daughter has grown up to be somewhat of an activist. She comes home for the weekend and as they enter the house an unknown gunman shoots and kills her.

As he investigates he discovers she had a very secret life, that there's a government cover-up, and he's losing ground fast. That's when an agent appears at his door, an agent who is tasked with cleaning things up and who would rather help the detective find the killer of his daughter.

The trailer for Edge of Darkness is a really powerful one and takes Mel Gibson to one of the things he does best, playing a driven man. In fact it reminds me a lot of a more realistic and much darker Payback, a film I really loved.

William Monahan adapted the story along with Andrew Bovell from the original television series written by Troy Kennedy-Martin, and it's directed by Martin Campbell, so darkness, reality and action are all expected.

The trailer is fantastic, it really is, and it deserves your attention, and it's great to see Gibson in a role like this again and Ray Winstone playing with his own accent, he's a superb actor.

You can see it in high definition too over at Yahoo Movies. What do you think? I'm totally hooked already.



Looks really good! Good to see Gibson back infornt of the camera.


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