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Footloose remake stumbles again

Footloose.jpgThe remake of Footloose has stumbled once again. Despite having Kenny Ortega set to direct, Zac Efron leading the film, and rumours of Kevin Bacon returning, the plans to remake this film don't seem so easy.

In March of this year Efron left the production, and now word comes that Kenny Ortega, the director, has left the production over struggles with the studio on the direction of the film. This now resonates as to why Efron left the production originally and doesn't bode well for the film.

Zac Efron had apparently left the production because he wanted to change the direction of his career, something he apparently hadn't realised when he signed up to do the film in the first place – what you mean it's a post high school musical? - and there were a few not so nice words that he had used a loophole in his contract to get out of the film.

Well perhaps that wasn't the reason, perhaps it's the same reason Kenny Ortega has now left the production of Footloose?

It seems slightly strange that the film was fast tracked last year as one of Paramount's projects to get going, and now it's lost the main star and seemingly perfect director. Perhaps it's because they were fast tracking it without thought for the remake itself?

The story from Variety through Collider tells us that Ortega left due to differences over the tone and budget of the film. That means the director wanted more and probably wanted to give it a clear direction away from the current films and the remake, or so one would hope. The studio apparently doesn't. Well that's what you would immediately assume, then the article comes away with a little surprise:

Insiders said Ortega wanted to make a picture with elaborately staged musical numbers at a budget of $30 million or so. Par production chief Adam Goodman wanted an edgier drama with less emphasis on the musical numbers and a budget around $25 million or less.

Of course bear in mind that first word, insiders, which could just be the Paramount publicity machine working hard on gaining some ground back, or it could be that Ortega was recanting a High School Musical film and Paramount realised that it had to be something more, and something more than a musical.

I have some hope about what the studio are saying and I really do think that this could have something interesting to offer if they are going the “edgier” route, something Fame obviously lacked.



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