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Foxx talks Tyson biographical film

MikeTyson.jpgJamie Foxx has been pushing the idea of a Mike Tyson biographical film once again, and he's decided who he would like to direct it.

Now with Foxx talking about a director and Tyson himself saying he's talked to Foxx and wants him to be the man to play him, surely it's got to go ahead?

The timing would appear to be right too, Mike Tyson had built his career up and then self destructed royally, destroying his life privately and publicly, and he's come down to cameos in American comedies, not the best place to be for someone that was one called the greatest heavyweight boxer of all time.

Jamie Foxx revealed through MTV that he has a director in mind, should the project ever go ahead that is, Taylor Hackford, the man who directed him in Ray and helped him gain his first Oscar.

”Taylor Hackford, who also directed [the] Ray Charles [biopic], I think is my man [to direct the Tyson biopic]. We have a certain kinship, and we've talked about when we do get back together what it would be like.”

Foxx's rationale for making the film isn't that good though, he says it's because everyone remembers that era and it's been a long time that people need a “refreshing”.

That actually sounds like something Tyson would say to an opponent coming into a fight. Personally I think the time is right because he's sunk so low and started to claw himself back up a little he'll be keen to let his story be told, even if the story to be told is the truth.

I still have my reservations though and I wonder if Foxx really does want to tell the story as the truth, the whole truth and almost everything to do with the truth. I suspect it'll end up carrying one of those introductory titles that set you off on low expectations from the word go.

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