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Closed: Free tickets to Halloween screening of The Exorcist

TheExorcist.jpgRemember I talked about the Orange Cinema special Halloween screening somewhere in London? Well I've been given two pairs of tickets to give away to you, and it's a quick competition because it's running from now until Friday at 12pm. So be quick.

The Exorcist screening is set to be a really special one, offering some amazing effects and a spine tingling location that's going to have you nigh on scared to death. Honestly there's no way I could do this, maybe you can.

The screening will take place in a graveyard in East London and using state of the art wireless headphones you'll hear the best audio available while watching the film without any distractions. You'll have the ability to switch to the director's commentary and listen to that should you have seen the film before, and also there will be effects happening around you, not just on the screen.

It promises to be a big scare night.

Add to that the fact that Kim Newman from Empire is hosting the event and will introduce the film, and attendees will be given goody bags and the chance to win prizes, and you have a cracking Halloween night out.

I have been given two pairs of tickets to give away in a first come, first served deal. Just send me a direct message on Twitter at Filmstalker, or drop me an email at the address below and you can win. It's for over eighteen's only, and you have to make your own way there, but other than that it's a doddle.

Competition Closed

Good luck! You have until Friday at 12pm when I have to pass over the winners names.

Update: All gone already! Too slow!



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