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Gary Ross to direct Matt Helm?

MettHelm-Silencers.jpgMatt Helm has been through the wars, for this new incarnation of the hardened spy from the 1933 novels by Donald Hamilton and from the sixties version of the character who was played by the wonderful Dean Martin and transformed into a comedic lush.

Helm was set to be played by George Clooney, directed by Robert Luketic from a Derek Haas and Michael Brandt script, Steven Spielberg was attached to direct before the DreamWorks break up, Jon Hamm stepped in to take the lead role, and so on.

Now there's a new name attached to direct with another name to lead.

Gary Ross, the man who has just been announced as in talks to write and direct the Venom film and is writing Spider-Man 4, has been linked with the film as the possible new director, and with that name comes someone that is also named as being in discussions for the lead of Matt Helm, Bradley Cooper from Alias, The Hangover and now The A-Team.

Of course the story from The Playlist is based on their unnamed source, so as always with these source leaked rumours, have your salt ready.

Last we heard the script was based on a book by Donald Hamilton called Death of a Citizen (Amazon.co.uk / Amazon.com), the first in a series of novels about a spy called Matt Helm who is forced out of retirement by the agency for whom he was a Nazi spy hunter and killer during World War II.

Some are saying that the film is now going to follow the Matt Helm of the sixties, the comic version and not the serious spy version.

Personally I'm still hoping for the serious, original source version, but it could go either if this director and actor are on board. I do hope that they go for the serious one, although could the drunken lush, accidental spy film work?



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