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Ghost in the Shell live-action 3D film

GhostintheShell.jpgIt was January 2007 when we first heard that there was going to be a live-action version of Ghost in the Shell, then the news came that Steven Spielberg was bringing it over to DreamWorks and giving the production a huge boost.

Now, finally, we hear that there's a writer attached to the film, and that it's still remaining live-action, but now they've added that dredded number and letter combination, 3D.

Laeta Kalogridis is the writer set to bring to life the Ghost in the Shell anime which Variety describes as a futuristic police thriller as a 3D live-action film.

Jamie Moss, writer on Street Kings, was the writer who had the first bash at the film, but I suspect that the addition of 3D changed things somewhat. However if it was just the addition of 3D I would have expected the writer to have been someone versed in the art of 3D, but the studio have stepped away from that cheap route. Instead the new writer, Laeta Kalogridis, is the one behind the adaptation of Shutter Island for Martin Scorsese, Knight & Day and James Cameron's Battle Angel.

So there's nothing here about trying to produce a cheap adaptation in 3D, this is looking set to be, written at least, as a big budget and big scope film.

I think this sounds positive news for the film, the only thing is if they keep this level of production up through the director and the development. How do you feel about the adaptation of the excellent anime Ghost in the Shell?



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