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Hardy replaces Gibson in Mad Max 4?

MadMax.jpgI do get a little fed up with the rumours that come out about a director "wanting" an actor for their film, or an actor "wanting" a role in a film, because basically it's nothing more than that. Tactical manoeuvring to get directly to someone and start building hype without doing anything official.

That's what's happening here when the story came out that George Miller, the man behind the fourth Mad Max film that he's pushing to get made, announced that he wanted Charlize Theron and Tom Hardy to join the film.

What's more is that he wants Tom Hardy to take the lead role as the new Mad Max. That's Tom Hardy who starred in Black Hawk Down, Star Trek: Nemesis, Layer Cake (Filmstalker review), WAZ (Filmstalker review), RocknRolla (Filmstalker review), Bronson, and the next Christopher Nolan film, Inception. So yes, he is a rather big actor, despite the article saying that they know little about Hardy and that he's not well known, well I guess he is British and not American!

The story comes from E! News through Jo Blo and tells us little more than multiple "sources" are telling them that George Miller would like Charlize Theron to play the lead female role and Tom Hardy to play the new Mad Max.

That's it. Sources saying that the director would like these actors. Well I'd like to be in a leading role in a film, do you think that'll happen? Maybe if I talk about it enough it will.

Let's bear in mind that the film is far from being made and that there's no studio sign off on these names, nor have any offers been made to the actors, in fact it doesn't even seem like they've been asked yet.

I think there's a bigger question of whether we even want to see a fourth Mad Max film without Mel Gibson.



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