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Hopkins cast in Thor

Thor.jpgThere's another big name cast on Thor, this project just gets bigger and bigger and is becoming a very promising film. The latest news is for Odin, the father of Thor and Loki, the warring brother gods.

It's a role that previously we had thought had gone to Brian Blessed, a man who has appeared in a number of Kenneth Branagh films, however the casting of Hopkins in the role is still a good choice, just without as much reverberation.

So far we've heard that in Kenneth Branagh's Thor will be played by Chris Hemsworth, Tom Hiddleston will be playing Loki, the brother of Thor and villain of the film, all other bets and rumours are off right now.

The announcement of Anthony Hopkins as Odin through Variety shows that Thor is continuing to host a great line-up of talent, and with Kenneth Branagh in the role of director takes it to another level, especially with the way he's talking about it. In fact the whole project is looking more and more like something hugely dramatic than a simple comic book character adaptation.

The film will see the character of Dr. Donald Blake discover that he is in fact Thor, a Norse god, and that when he wields the hammer he becomes something he can not only regain the use of his legs, but he becomes something altogether more powerful.

More excellent casting news, and this project just keeps going from strength to strength.



hopkins also seems to have a 'special ability' of making the movie unique...
in silence of the lambs it was often the way he would project the lines of 'buffallo bills been a nauty boy'...
he is also able to portray the look of a particular character in almost like a 'disguised way' which enables him to exaggerate the role with conviction and memorability...
with wolfman on the horizon his unique methods of 'preparation' will be on show...
thor will continue this trend...(i hope he is able to research some of the dynamics from the sega 89' game 'golden axe' i hope the producers also take a close look at this game for the crucial presentation aspects to make thor more than just an average 'axe' picture'


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