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Hugh Jackman is Real Steel

HughJackman.jpgHugh Jackman is in talks to star in a film called Real Steel to be directed by Shawn Levy which will be set in a world where real boxers are replaced by robots and the ex-fighters have to change themselves to adapt to the new world.

The robots are used to fight instead, and many ex-fighters become boxing promoters running robots in the ring. Hugh Jackman would play one of these ex-fighters who is now running a robot.

His character isn't a very strong one, he's been struggling with readjusting his life and moving forward when the world banned boxing for being too violent, then he finds a robot that never loses and starts working for him, promoting his career. It's around this time that he also finds that he has a thirteen year old son and they begin to get to know each other as they continue the fighting.

According to Variety John Gatins is busy writing the script for Real Steel along with Shawn Levy from an original script written by Dan Gilroy which was rewritten by Leslie Bohem and then by Gatins himself. So it's made the rounds.

However that's not where the real story comes from, it's from a short story by Richard Matheson, and that is interesting. Just reading that blurb hasn't been that exciting, but the idea of Hugh Jackman leading a Richard Matheson story adds a ton of interest to it already.

I still haven't been caught by the idea of the fighting robots, or that the transparently thin emotional story with his son. I know though that there's something more to the Matheson story, especially as it appeared as a Twilight Zone episode, and that makes me think that there's a much bigger twist in here, and it's one I can already guess at. Can you?



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