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John Woo considers Le Samouraï and Marco Polo

JohnWoo.jpgJohn Woo is apparently considering two English language projects after his Red Cliff films and Jianyu Jianghu, one is a remake of Le Samouraï, a film he practically remade already in the form of The Killer but will tackle once more, and another historical epic, the story of Marco Polo and his relationship with the legendary Kublai Khan.

Both projects sound amazing, and considering what Red Cliff looks set to achieve I think he would have no problem in getting that film made, although you can imagine escalating budgets and Western studios griping it doesn't hit their PG-13 target market and where's that Woo style we all love?

However Marco Polo is a legendary figure in history who travelled extensively through Asia and wrote about it, opening up the world to western people. His father met Kublai Khan during his Asian travels, and Khan asked him to become their ambassador and communicate with the Pope. Marco Polo then travelled extensively through Asia on behalf of Khan and on their return documented it for Western readers.

Now if that's not an epic tale to rival the epic nature of Red Cliff I don't know what is, and it sounds far from a single film too.

John Woo was talking about his next two potential projects to Movieline through /Film, and talked a little about why he was wanting to remake a film he's more or less already remade.

”I want to make it into a modern film.”

What? Is that it? You just want to make it into a modern film? There must be more to it than that, just because a film is old doesn't mean it should be remade. Rebel Without a Cause is twelve years older, On the Waterfront is thirteen, there's two older films already, shouldn't they be remade because they should be a modern film? Come now.

Still, the Le Samouraï projects sounds like it will be the most interesting for studios, and Woo will have his wish on this rather than the bound to be huge budget of Marco Polo. Still, I know which I would prefer.



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