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Knightley and Wright on My Fair Lady

KeiraKnightley.jpgBack in June of 2008 we heard that Keira Knightley was set to play Eliza Doolittle in a remake of My Fair Lady, but there was no firm word on directors, apart from a stretched out rumour of Danny Boyle at one point, but since then nothing. Now we hear that Knightley is still on board, and on officially, for the remake, and that a director has been signed.

Joe Wright is set to direct, after walking away from the production of Indian Summer, he's turning to something far closer to home.

The musical film My Fair Lady was made in 1964 starring Audrey Hepburn and Rex Harrison, who also played opposite Julie Andrews for the stage show version.

The news comes from The Telegraph through Total Film, and we hear that she was once up against Scarlett Johannson for the role. Well at least they made the best choice out of the two.

A big surprise is the writer for the film, Emma Thompson. She's set to adapt the play and there's even a rumour that Daniel Craig might play the part once played by Rex Harrison, Professor Henry Higgins.

However, as many remake films are doing, some to disguise the fact that they are remakes and some to genuinely try to improve, this production of My Fair Lady is set to return to the original story adapted from the play Pygmalion from George Bernard Shaw. Apparently, well back in the original story, the time period of 1912 is to be kept.

The idea that Joe Wright might direct Keira Knightley in My Fair Lady is not hugely surprising, and it does suggest that the production might be worthwhile. Then add in the fact that Emma Thompson is writing the adaptation and I think we really could have a strong film.

There's always a fear with remakes, but going back to adapt the original play sounds like a very good move, but 1912? Is that the right period for Wright and the film nowadays? The other concern is do we really need singing in it? Remember, Keira Knightley revealed she has been attending singing lessons for the role.

They could take a real chance and transport it to modern day, but I have a feeling a period film is what we'll get.



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