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Korean sea battle in 3D

KoreanFlags.jpgKorea is set to get its first full 3D live action film, and it will be about the real life naval battle that happened in a very short period of time on the 29th of June, 2002.

Korean director Kwak Kyung-taek is set to direct the 3D live action film about the naval battle, which I can't help but think is going to contain a lot more than the short battle of that day, unless that is, the film is in real time of actual events.

Previous to the events of the 29th of June 2002, North Korean naval vessels had sailed past the demilitarized zone that divides North and South Korea since the Korean War, but that North Korea had never recognised, and in most cases they had just been escorted back beyond the zone.

However in June 1999 the North Korean boats fired upon a South Korean boat and damaged another before returning past the demilitarized zone again. So in 2002, during the final days of the World Cup being held in South Korea.

In the morning of that day a North Korean naval vessel sailed through and past the demilitarized zone and when called upon a South Korean vessel to return to their waters, fired upon it and killed and injured members of the crew.

Another South Korean vessel opened fire on the intruding North Korean boat and an engagement ensued. It too was damaged, but the North Korean vessel turned back and sailed through the demilitarized zone once again.

The film, according to the story from ScreenDaily, will look at the events and turn them into a 3D film, something I'm a little concerned will distort the events somewhat and turn the film into something more of entertainment and potentially propoganda rather than a chronicling of the actual events, perhaps even in real time.

The film is currently being called The Battle of the Yellow Sea, and the director, Kwak Kyung-taek, previously made Typhoon and Friend (Chingoo), both considered to be very strong Korean films, and Typhoon (Tae-poong) certainly being on a similar track.

What do you think though, propaganda? Should a film that's tackling such a contentious issue be in 3D?



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