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Landis reveals Burke and Hare casting

DavidTennant.jpgWow, I am surprised. Turns out that the casting of Simon Pegg in John Landis' Burke and Hare film is true, and a second name has been announced, the former Doctor Who David Tennant.

Previously the rumour had been out that Simon Pegg was starring and Pegg himself had flatly denied it, and that denial sounded very convincing, I bought it. Seems though he was lying.

The real life story of Burke and Hare is a terrifying one, where two men were responsible for some seventeen murders from 1827 to 1828 and sold the corpses on for money to the Medical College in Edinburgh who needed cadavers for their dissection.

They began simply raising bodies from fresh graves, but as the demand grew and they could see the money coming in, they started murdering people to get the corpses even fresher.

They committed the murders and sold the bodies to Robert Knox who then dissected them for his students in the school. All was well until Burke and Hare's partners began uncovering the evidence and it wasn't long before the police were involved.

It was not a clear cut case so Hare was offered immunity to plead against Burke. He did and Burke was hanged with his body being given to Edinburgh Medical College for public dissection where parts of it are still on display.

So it'll be interesting to see where John Landis takes this story, or rather where Piers Ashworth and Nick Moorcroft the screenwriters do.

What concerns me the most is that these two most recently wrote the St. Trinian's stories, so where their story of Burke and Hare might go now is beyond me.

Something I find even more disappointing was that a Scottish production of Burke and Hare was under development some time ago, it even received a big grant from the ill-informed Scottish Screen. However it never came to pass, and the Scottish Screen funding was spent.

The Meat Trade was the title of the film and it was set to star Colin Firth, Robert Carlyle and at the time it was written by Irvine Welsh and to be directed by Antonio Bird.

There's never been anything more about the film and that's a real shame considering it was a Scottish production. The sad thing too was that it was labelled as a comedy, and I had high hopes for the script to tell the real story.

However we're going to see this comedy come out before then and any chance that the Scottish production had is gone, who wants to see a second comedy about Burke and Hare after John Landis has tackled it? Wasted too much time it would seem and the moment is lost.

Back to the film in hand though, and the casting news through Bloody Disgusting of Simon Pegg and David Tennant is exciting. They are a great couple of actors on their own and together sound like a great combination. I think the only grey part in here are the screenwriters, however just because they wrote St. Trinian's doesn't mean they don't have it in them, it is a Landis project after all.



Ooh, we need more Tennant on the screens. This looks interesting.


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