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Lars von Trier on disaster film

LarsvonTrier.jpgLars von Trier is off to something new with his latest film, not one to rely on what he's already done he's leaping into a disaster film called Planet Melancholia.

It's a bit of a leap from his last film Antichrist (Filmstalker review), a film that came out to some seriously mixed reviews, and a film that I feel he had great potential with, a great plot, and then ruined by being deliberately controversial and provocative when there was no need.

Will the same happen here? I'm almost sure of it, it wouldn't be Lars von Trier otherwise now would it? Hopefully though he might reign it in and give us something controversial, but not just plain disgusting, out of context with the film, and deliberately confusing.

The story is typically vague on what is exactly going to happen, as Trier is about his projects, but his business partner Peter Aalbaek Jensen did say a little something about the film. He said through The Hollywood Reporter that it would be...

”...romantic, in a Lord Byron sort of way.”

That really isn't much to go on. Trier is set to write and direct the film and it's believed that it will continue the cinematic splendour of Antichrist but mixing it with the Dogme style hand-held camera.



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