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Le Mans film with Brad Pitt?

PhilHill.jpgA film about Le Mans is being planned, based on a book called Go Like Hell: Ford, Ferrari, and Their Battle for Speed and Glory at Le Mans (Amazon.co.uk / Amazon.com), it's a tall book that's for sure. What the interesting thing about this is are the names being attached to the project - Brad Pitt, Josh Brolin, Russell Crowe, Matt Damon, Eric Bana, and Daniel Day-Lewis.

Now that sounds an incredible line-up. The book is set in the 1960's and is the story of how Ford started a team to try and beat the biggest names in racing to beat them in Le Mans, names like Ferrari, and this is the story of how they did just that.

According to the producer Lucas Foster, who was talking on the Adam Carolla audiocast through Cinema Blend, he's been talking to just about anyone who's anyone in acting that likes fast cars.

"I have a lot of interest from big actors. It would shock you the telephone calls that have come in from people...There's a lot of conversation with my good friend, Brad Pitt."

He also apparently said that he'd spoken to Josh Brolin and that he wants Eric Bana, Russell Crowe, Daniel Day-Lewis and Matt Damon, who it would seem is up for the role of Phil Hill.

Who's Phil Hill? He's the American born racing driver who is the only American born driver to have ever one the Formula One Word Driver's Championship - now think on that for a moment, the only American driver to have taken the championship, and it's not been through lack of American drivers. He's also won the 24 Hours Le Mans race some three times.

Of course Phil Hill isn't the only big name who is included in the book. Henry Ford II, Enzo Ferrari himself, Carroll Shelby are all in the book, and according to the story they are in the book too.

Foster talks about the film a little more and reveals that he's got a really good writer on the project and that they are...

"...in the middle of hiring a director."

He also reveals that the film is going to do something that the previous great racing films, and there have only been a few, have done, and that's get right into the driving of these high performance cars. It's no use watching them race by from the sidelines, if you've ever watched F1 then you'll know the best and greatest view is from inside the cockpit. Foster agrees, and says that the film will take it...

"...from the driver's perspective "

After all these are the days of open cockpit racing with absolutely no protection and safety features. These are the days where a crash can see you burning to death in a fireball of exploding petrol tank. These were the days where the drivers knew no fear.

It's a perfect time in racing for film to capture, and with some of the greatest names of racing too. If this gets made with a big cast how long before we get to see a real F1 film? Something to rival the days of Grand Prix with James Garner and Le Mans with Steve McQueen?



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