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Mad Max 4 moves forward

MadMax.jpgMad Max 4 seems to have been given a title, and while I first read it as Furry Road, it's actually Fury Road, and that makes a lot more sense. However the big news is that the production is set to start next year and head back to New South Wales.

The announcement comes with some bold statements about the new film, and it certainly seems that Mad Max 4, now Mad Max: Fury Road (not furry) seems to be actually happening.

There's not really that much more news about the film. George Miller talks about the production moving to Australia and how great news it is, and it's one of the people behind the location deal for the production that gives us the most interesting comment through The Hollywood Reporter:

”In the hands of director George Miller, we will see one of the largest and most ambitious live-action films ever made in Australia.”

That's a hell of a thing to say about the film, and I presume that it deserves it in some way, but this early in production it's quite a judgement call.

Still it means that Mad Max 4 is happening and rumours of casting are already starting to hit.. Good or bad thing?



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