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Mad Max: Fury Road cast confirmed

TomHardy.jpgAlthough we heard that both Tom Hardy and Charlize Theron were joining Mad Max 4, now titled Mad Max: Fury Road, it's only now that the official confirmation is reaching us that they are in negotiations for the roles, and that means they'll most likely be starring.

Hardy is set to play Mad Max himself, and I honestly don't think I could pick a better actor to replace Mel Gibson in the role, because let's face it, Gibson could not have returned to the series unless they were going to do some handover to a new Mad Max actor and generation. At least this isn't following the Hollywood rules.

Tom Hardy has starred in a run of films including WAZ (Filmstalker review), RocknRolla (Filmstalker review) andBronson. I think Bronson shows that he's well placed to take on something of this genre of film, and of the mindset of Mad Max, because he would be more akin to the Bronson character don't you think?

Currently it's not clear who Charlize Theron would be playing, just the female lead, and neither is it clear what the plot of the film will be. However The Hollywood Reporter do say that this instalment of the franchise will take place a little while after Thunderdome.

So this looks more and more official, Mad Max is coming back and it's not going to be Mel Gibson. Personally I think that's a good thing, he's a great actor and director now, and he's too old to reprise the character and his career has moved on too far from where it was, don't you think?



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