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Marlon Wayans insulting Richard Pryor?

RichardPryor.jpgRichard Pryor is about to start turning in his grave as a new name has been announced in regards the film about his life that we heard about back in February. Then it was Eddie Murphy that was being talked about as connected with the film, and now we're hearing that it could well be Marlon Wayans.

Now that's a hell of a drop. I admit I wasn't keen on Murphy to begin with, but in the world of comedy and acting today, he's probably the best suited to take the role. So it's a complete surprise to hear that it's moving to Wayans. After all the Wayans are responsible for White Chicks.

According to Entertainment Weekly, Marlon Wayans is in discussions right now for the role of Richard Pryor in the Bill Condon written and directed film Richard Pryor: Is it Something I Said?

The story also tells us that Eddie Murphy dropped out after conflicts with Paramount Pictures. Now that's not conflicts with their schedules, that does say conflicts with the studio itself. It seems his dealings on the film are almost as controversial as Richard Pryor's life.

The article reminds us that in Requiem for a Dream he did receive some praise, but since then it's all been rather brash and painful comedies. Apparently though he really did an outstanding audition for the role, delivering a thirteen minute screen test as the comedian that transformed him into the character.

The film will be much more in line with the dramatic side of acting, and much less in line with something like White Chicks, thankfully. Still, it's a big leap for Wayans and the film isn't it?



I'm cool with it. Love Pryor and I have faith in Waynes. he was great in Requiem for a Dream, and I think he has the chops.

Murphy should have never left this oppurtunity...but praises to Marlon.


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