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Men in Black 3 begins

MeninBlack.jpgMen in Black was fun, Men in Black 2 was a bit stupid really, mainly because of the reliance on the talking dog and not the characters and relationships, something that made the first so strong. However the idea of switching the characters roles round with the student and teacher roles was rather good.

The studio have thought that there's mileage in another Men in Black film for some time, but now they're getting serious as they've hired a writer to develop the script, perhaps one that they hope to entice Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones back with, because there's no other reason for them to return.

You know film series don't have to be trilogies, there's no requirement, but Columbia seems to think that's the case. Mind you if Etan Cohen, the write who brought us Tropic Thunder and Sherlock Holmes, delivers a strong script then maybe Men in Black would be worth it.

Certainly the plot foundations suggest a franchise that could go on for a good while yet, after all an agency that deals with alien immigration on Earth could have an unlimited series of stories coming out of it.

Interestingly the article from Variety makes a comparison to another franchise that the studio have been trying to recover, Ghostbusters, not an entirely successful or simple task so far, and one that has had a long history. If we're doing comparisons here then Men in Black 3 could be taking a very long time to come to fruition and the stars will be uncertain of returning.

There's no word yet about the direction of the third film in the Men in Black series, and why should there be, the writer still has to put pen to paper, or finger to keyboard, but then perhaps this is a film where the studio already knows and just wants the writer to make it happen?

Whatever's happening behind the scenes, do you want a Men in Black 3? Could it conceivably work and would the stars want to return?



i loved the first two


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