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Miller reveals Mad Max 4 production

MadMax.jpgGeorge Miller has been holding a little press conference or two in Australia to talk about the upcoming Mad Max 4, and the big surprise is just how far ahead the production is as we get to see some of the cars that will be involved in the film.

He also reveals that this film is going to be big, big in action and budget, and that the casting hasn't been decided yet, but that's what they all say isn't it?

Quiet Earth has the press conference video where George Miller says some very interesting things about the production of Mad Max: Fury Road:

Huge number of stunts...
...trying to do things that they've never done before...
...nudge the genre...
...still in the middle of casting, still don't know who the final cast are going to be...
...a lot of actors to see yet...no decision has been made yet...

ABC for kids has more from the event and the question of whether or not Mel Gibson would be returning.

”It could be Mel, it could be anyone, in fact I'm looking around at these faces to see if anyone's quite interesting here...”

So he's really at great pains to say that there's no one cast yet, but that they are looking at local talent, that's probably why we're hearing such rumours as Sam Worthington, after all he's Australian, and according to George Miller, that's about as far as these rumours go at the moment as they are still casting.

Over at AICN they have some stills from Australian Sky News which show some of the cars which we get a bit of in the video above too, and it's that Sky News report that says Miller has told them that the film is going to be going into a new direction and the budget would be very big, although he refused to say just how much.

Looking over all of that we can gather a number of things, the production is moving forward as we can see with the cars, there sounds like there's going to be a lot of work no the casting. This sounds like it could be a much bigger Mad Max than expected, and could well restart the franchise.

What do you think?



beyond thunderdome was the strongest of the series?
the producers could producer something more adventurous with dynamics similar to the 1995 movie waterworld...
to bring the action into a more current mode...
more exploration for developed underwater production as mad max has to fight nature as well as old ememies...
becasue the movie is exciting to anticipate the producers need to think seriously about bringing back mel gibson even if it means adjusting the role to meet a more current audience.
It is runoured madmax 4 working title is 'the final frontier' and will have an adult rating with strong violence throughout.the seocnd part of the movie will be more like diehard in how it is directed the first half of the movie will be more exploritory along the lines of the 13th warrior.It is rumoured a Sharon stone is be appraoched to star as a mysterious egyptain queen.the picture will be longer than 130 minutes.


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