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Moses film like Braveheart

TheTenCommandments.jpgThat is the quote that caught my eye in this story about 20th Century Fox developing a film about the story of Moses from when he was an infant and almost died, to where the story of freeing the Hebrew slaves from enslavement by the Egyptians. You'll most likely remember the story from the Cecil B. DeMille 1956 version of the story in The Ten Commandments starring Charlton Heston as the stone wielding character.

The new film has Adam Cooper and Bill Collage set to write the script, they wrote New York Minute for the Olsen twins, the Steve Pink directed Accepted, and an untitled script for Brett Ratner. Seems a strange mix. However they have recently scripted the new Moby Dick film which promises a lot.

I loved the old Hollywood biblical epic films because they really did encompass everything great about film-making, they were epic in every sense. Huge stars, sets, budgets, powerful and emotional stories (whatever your beliefs) and an age when actors were true screen icons.

Without a doubt my favourite is The Robe, starring Richard Burton, Jean Simmons and Victor Mature, however The Ten Commandments is high up there, and it's a great tale in an amazingly epic film.

This new version has me a little confused through. The plan, according to the Variety story, is to create a tale with a Braveheart feel to it, and it has this strange concoction of films mentioned:

Moby Dick was pitched as a 300-like reimagining of the Melville story as a visually stunning action piece, and the story of Moses is conceived similarly.

Wow. So it's a visually stunning action film in the style of Braveheart. Now that will be a complete re-telling of the Moses tale indeed.

It is an exciting story. A man is born to nothing, is adopted by the Egyptian Royal family and lives with slaves at his beck and call through his young life, and when he becomes a man he defies the Pharaoh and ends up rescuing the slaves from the country, leading them across the deadly deserts and bringing them one religion at the same time. Epic indeed

I don't think we need an action based biblical epic, and I don't think that The Ten Commandments needs updating, the tale of Moses is an exciting one in the 1956 film and an epic one.

It seems that the people behind it sat there thinking it would be old enough to get remade and probably looked at 2012 and thought new effects would look amazing, and Braveheart was so popular and rather similar at the bare bones of the story that this would make a great fit. I'm not so sure. What do you think?



could be interesting although these movies are nortoriously difficult to develop to the point to add something interesting (so it doesnt appear like a story) all the movies on jesus always seem to steer clear of the intersting elements that are forwarded in the bible...

utimatately moses needs to come across as someeone uniquily identifiable to the audience...(perhaps hollywood studios should leave this rock unturned and leave disney to develop it into a traditional animation picture over seven years?)can an actor really play the part?...Glen Keane did a good job on the beast for disney in 1991- on beauty and the beast.

perhaps moses should look not only bigger but have some developed features to set him apart from the other characters...
only a computer will be able to develop the detailed landscapes required in the picture the best people will be needed to ensure they are dynamic as well as credible...lush pastures..shaper mountainsides...to look biblical will also have to have an ancient 'feel' to it...moses will need to move quickly and with authority..the makers may want to refer to the book of morman for some of the research aspects and visual 'details'...the movie must have an adult 'feel'...a relationship angle to give moses human notability - something the audience can connect with.the use of the camera to capture the sky in an unusual way...


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