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Murray talks sense on Ghostbusters 3

BillMurray.jpgThe last time Bill Murray spoke out about Ghostbusters 3 he was starting to say things that appealed to me, saying that he was holding out to see what the script for the film was really like and would only do the film if it was really good.

Before then he'd been holding out against a Ghostbusters return and most people, including myself, thought he was the bad guy in the process, stopping a sequel to a beloved film franchise.

Now though I'm really siding with the man and I'm starting to believe that he's the sane one in the whole process.

Once again Bill Murray is talking down the idea of Ghostbusters 3 and saying that we should all hold our converted hearses, including the team themselves.

Now he's saying that the people behind the film want the old team to return so that they can simply hand over to the new team and get kicked out of the film quick, sharpish in order to start a new franchise. Now that's interesting, because that's what I've been scared about with this film for some time, as soon as I heard that it would have new, younger faces involved.

”What they really want from us is just to open the movie and then get lost after introducing a new generation of Ghostbusters, who can start the franchise all over again. I've heard the script idea, and part of it is good but, you know, it's going to be tough to start again.”

What Murray says through The Times (currently the article isn't appearing, despite it being the correct link) and The Playlist is just what I've been concerned about and voicing online for some time now, and it seems that Bill Murray is too, I wonder how many of the others in the original line up are concerned about this and how many are just in it for the money?

Murray is turning out to be the hero of the piece, and if the film doesn't happen then he's saved us from a poor, formulaic, typically thin Hollywood sequel. If he does do it, then chances are he's found a good script and a good reason. Good to see he's not just in it for the cash.



OK, so the studio wants a trilogy and Bill would presumably only be in the first one with cameos from Aykroyd and Rammis in the later movies. This sounds exactly like the thinking of a studio to me.

And it sounds bloody ghastly.

I am in no rush to see 'Ghostbusters TNG' with Ben Stiller, Will Ferrell and Adam Sandler.

Give the original Ghostbusters a cracking script. Do it right. In fact, hire me.

i saw bill murray in zombieland recently and he made the picture...ghosterbusters 3 needs to be similar to the first two and with similar dynamics and actors...
the audience needs to be invited to a bit of premise...
we need a strong story and the ghosts could be more radical for the third picture perhaps a more adult rating could invite a more investigative approach into the supernatural like kinda resident evil4 and x files giving murrey a more pivotal role within his work field rather than just as a ghostbuster...
this could make the picture more interesting to watch ...give it more ambition for the producers to exaggerate areas of the picture...
could set the picture from late one night to sunrise the following day a tighter timeframe--the picture could have a 1930 horror theme to it...
producers could look at developing realistic cgi environments for more interesting memorable segments environemtal weather effects and glowing eyes for more serious realism of the ghosts..
.could have a scene with homage to 1985 horror 'fright night' similar finale struture to the first two films...

Mark I think you'd make a superb Scottish Ghostbusters! Or what about the opening segment for "Edinburgh, I Love You"?

Hey Gareth, glad to see you've stopped with the crazy rumour posting. Dead right, it has to go back to the original feek and it has to give the original actors a big role, not a walk on, hand over part.


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