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Neill Blomkamp gains creative freedom

NeillBlomkamp.jpgIt's a good sign that the director of District 9 (Filmstalker review), Neill Blomkamp, has been given creative freedom on his next science fiction film by the studio, and why not? The work he's done on his first is superb, although it has to be recognised that the Peter Jackson influence is very prominent in that film.

There's nothing much more said about the film or what the plot is, but it won't be a sequel to District 9.

Neill Blomkamp is set to write the film and start preparing the visual effects for the production immediately according to the Variety story, and the budget will be more than District 9 (Filmstalker review) had available to it but nothing like the major blockbuster budgets.

I find that comforting myself, to throw everything at the director might just mean he loses his edge and it turns into another case of Hollywood overpowering a good talent.

One of the names behind the film said of Blomkamp:

"Some of the most brilliant filmmakers have worked in sci-fi, and Neill made his film with less money than most of them"

That's key here, keeping that budget lower and allowing Blomkamp to work within constraints where he managed to create such a strong film in District 9 means we'll see his talent at full flow again.

Still, that said, I'm really keen to see what he can produce later in his career, I just don't want to see it rushed.



Remember all those HOURS of Blomkamp-bashing TheMovieBlog.com used to do, even before he released his first film? Someone somewhere should have a red face about it right about now...


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