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Update: New Avatar trailer and featurette online

Avatar.jpgThere's a new trailer for James Cameron's Avatar online, and while many of the later scenes are similar, there's a lot more up front that focuses the telling of the story rather than the action. Still, it does get to the action too.

What this trailer does is it manages to build the tension and drama much better than the ones we've seen to date and concentrates a little more on the lead character, played by Sam Worthington, and the relationship against the commander of the Marines, Stephen Lang, and I like that aspect.

For me this is a stronger trailer, although to be fair the trailers to date have all been strong, and the arguments about copying and the story being told before are all washing over me because this seems original, it looks original, and it's going to play to nothing but originality, and I'm excited.

Sure if you break down the story you can see sections from other stories, there will be similarities, etc. However in this sea of remakes and sequels coming out of Hollywood, why do we have to be bashing something that looks so great?

Here's the new trailer for Avatar.

Meanwhile, to hear more of the story behind the production and a little of the story itself, and some cracking new footage of the creatures and world. However the quality is terrible and difficult to see the impact of some of the effects and shots. However thanks to ComingSoon for pointing it out, and thanks to Trailer Addict who I use for a lot of the trailers on the site.

Update: Here's much a better version than we previously had. Enjoy the new footage in all its glory, except 3D of course.



Looking forward to the 18th of December, going to a cinema and seeing AVATAR on a big screen in 3D!


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