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New Jack Ryan found?

JackRyan.jpgHas the new Jack Ryan been found? It would seem that Paramount Pictures has one in mind as news comes out today that they are in negotiations with a certain actor to take up the role that was stamped by Alec Baldwin, taken over well by Harrison Ford, and fumbled through by Ben Affleck.

Now there's a new name in the mix, and while he may be associated with another potentially huge franchise, that may not affect him too much, and in fact it may be just the right one to help him find the similarities between the characters. From Star Trek to Tom Clancy.

If you hadn't already guessed the name up for the role is Chris Pine. The word is that he's currently negotiating for the role of Jack Ryan in a restart of the franchise as the studio apply the current mathematical trend of other franchises and series to this one, start at the beginning, reduce age of lead, and increase profits with the PG13 target audience.

Variety has the news. Chris Pine is the man who is currently playing the younger version of James T. Kirk in the restarted Star Trek (Filmstalker review) franchise.

I think he looks a good fit for the role, especially if they are going to recreate it for that PG13 audience, take away some of the more realistic sides to it and make it more an action-adventure spy thriller, easing it away from Tom Clancy and more towards Bourne.

What's also interesting is seeing the similarities between Jack Ryan and James T. Kirk, of course you have to take away the science fiction, but look at the two characters and you'll see that there's a lot in common already, especially with their single minded, often anti-establishment attitude which the employ when pointing towards their single goal of doing the right thing, whatever their bosses say. I can see the characters are extremely alike, just the story and setting that are very different.



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