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New The White Ribbon trailer online

TheWhiteRibbon.jpgThere's a new trailer online for Michael Haneke's The White Ribbon online, and while some might get overly excited by the fact that it's a Michael Haneke film, I think if this was a film for anyone else there would be a few more questions about the quality and content.

The trailer doesn't really come across with a story, looks rather haphazard, and quite confusing. Associate this with a Hollywood film and myself and others would be saying it's just a collection of scenes grabbed for the trailer.

However it's a Michael Haneke film that's getting a lot of postive commentary, which means that just isn't happening, and with some of the reviews that's probably warranted, but for this trailer?

Well I'm saying it. The trailer looks haphazard and confusing, but it's black and white and Haneke. So what, the trailer still doesn't attract my attention, hold it, and make me want to see the film, it's just the director's name that builds any of that.

Here's the trailer for The White Ribbon through the excellent Row Three:



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