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New This Is It trailer

MichaelJackson-ThisIsIt.jpgThere's a new trailer online for Michael Jackson's This Is It, the film that goes behind the scenes and pieces together what would have been the final concert for one of the greatest musical talents we've ever seen.

This trailer has some interesting new parts to it. Not only do we see some of Michael Jackson talking to the directors of the show and actually working on the set, but we see some of the planned amazing introduction, and it looks like it would have been amazing.

I love what was planned for the introduction of the This Is It concert, it does look like it would have been pretty amazing, but I'm still really curious of how the rest of the film will show the performance.

The director, Kenny Ortega, reveals that there will be almost non-stop music, and together with the choreographer of the show, talks about what was planned for the fans during this concert.

You know I have little doubt that this film will do amazingly well and will indeed stand as a great testament to the man's career, but I wonder if this will be the last we see of him. Considering the trailer itself tells us how many hours of footage has been taken from the concert rehearsal footage, I imagine they are holding some back for another film.

Even if they aren't holding it back, there'll be plenty to do something more with it, and how much more will be on a DVD/Blu-ray release?

In the meantime, here's the new trailer.



I always find myself amazed by Michael's performances, and to think he was 50 years old and dancing like someone half his age goes to show how energetic and powerful he truely was.

That always amazes me, seeing the guy leaping about on stage there and getting so involved in the performance and the show. He looked like he had the energy of a twenty year old.

I am so excited about seeing this film! Trailer looks great along with all the other great scenes and shots they are releasing. So happy to hear that a nice chunk of the earnings will go to his kids, an even better reason to see it!


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