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New trailer for The Wolfman online in HD

WolfMan.jpgThere's a new trailer for The Wolfman online and it looks glorious, particularly in Quicktime high definition where you can freeze frame and nip back and forth frame by frame and watch some of the spectacular effects and beautifully shot scenes.

The Wolfman is looking glorious, and this trailer really brings an urgency and pace to it, but with Anthony Hopkins reigning it in and giving it a darker and broodier feel through his voiceover.

Despite the bad press there's been about re-shoots and such, this trailer has made me forget all of that in an instant, it's superb.

You can see the new trailer below in flash format or you can head over Apple Trailers and see it in glorious Quicktime high definition, and just see how great it looks.

I really like this trailer version which doesn't concentrate on the werewolf itself, but looks at the characters around it and the underlying emotional themes rather than a big hairy marauding monster.

There are also quite a few stills online for you to see over at SciFi Wire which show off the excellent cinematography, and that with the cast list alone are enough to draw me in. What do you think?



Love this, just like I really enjoyed watching the other trailer. I just want to see the film! I've had enough of bloody vampires.


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