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Ong Bak: The Beginning UK trailer

OngBak_Poster.jpgThe international trailer is online for Ong Bak 2, now called Ong Bak: The Beginning, and which is due to hit the UK on the 16th of October with a limited US release on the 23rd, and this film promises to beat what Ong Bak gave us, and beat it bad.

Or rather, beat it good. Ong Bak: The Beginning looks superb, and the action unbelievable. If you're into your martial arts, this is a film you have to see, and if you like action you better get on it just as hard.

The trailer for Ong Bak: The Beginning is right here, and before I start going into the blurb I've been sent about the film, let me let you get into it too.

Ong-Bak: The Beginning is the epic tale of one boy’s journey into manhood and the demons he must face in order to accept the loss of his beloved family and exact revenge on those responsible. Set in feudal Thailand 600 hundred years ago we follow Tien as he evolves into one of the most dangerous warriors in the land. These events lead to some the most jaw dropping fight scenes that have ever been portrayed on screen, shot against the epic backdrop of Thailand’s diverse and unforgettable landscape.

Following the ground breaking and global success of Ong-Bak, Martial arts superstar Tony Jaa brings his sensational skills to the screen once again. Due to the pressures of writing, directing and starring in Ong-Bak: The Beginning and whilst going through the most gruelling of production schedules Jaa went native, sharing a ‘Heart of Darkness’ experience similar to that of Francis Ford Coppola while making Apocalypse Now. The release of Ong-Bak: The Beginning is now set to position Tony Jaa as one of the premier auteurs of the action/martial arts film genre.

The film sees Tony Jaa, the director and lead, performing a range of martial art skills that is truly dazzling crossing a huge range of martial arts where he fights some great names in each of them. Some of the fights we've seen in the footage to date looks stunning, really, and I can't believe that he's doing some of the things that he does – fighting an alligator in a pit? Leaping over elephants? Some of this stuff looks crazy, and that's why I have to see it.

I'm in because it just looks so awesome. Story light perhaps, but with action sequences like that, why wouldn't you? Hollywood take note.



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