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Ong-Bak 3?

OngBak_Poster.jpgArtwork has appeared online for Ong-Bak 3, and while that might not be too surprising, what it does mean is that there's a desire from the production behind Ong-Bak and the unconnected sequel to make a third film, and that's really surprising considering what happened on Ong-Bak: The Beginning.

Tony Jaa went missing in the middle of production, there was a lot of shouting about who was to blame, escalating costs, messed up production, a director lost in his own film, and suddenly he was gone.

The rumours really started flying then and the story behind the production was taking up epic proportions, and then Tony Jaa returned and the sequel was finished.

So it's surprising, especially considering the rumours of what was going to be happening to the production after Jaa left and the things that were said about the mismanagement of the film that they would be considering a third, but they are.

Twitch through JoBlo have the news that Sahamongkol Film have released the first poster for the film, and the producers have announced that early 2010 is the date in mind for the Thai release and that the production is well on its way.

Twitch have some interesting comments about the film, saying that Dan Chupong may be picking up his role from the end of Ong-Bak: The Beginning and there's no word on who would direct. With the mess of the production from the first film it seems that Panna Rittikrai, Jaa's mentor and the man who was going to save the film when Jaa disappeared, held back some footage from the second film to use in the third instalment, but there's no word on which of them will direct or if they both will.

However it does seem as though there's going to be another in the series, it seems to be too far down the production line already.



i like ong bak 3


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